About us

Derby Events is a non profit-making, non party political group that brings Progressive Voices to Derby and encourages the exchange of information and debate.
We hold regular lively seminars, usually on economics, and these so far have included Danny Dorling on “Why Injustice Exists”, Banner Theatre on the Cuts, What’s happening to the Welfare State, a hugely enjoyable Anti Capitalist Roadshow (with hilarious magician), Celia Mitchell on radical poetry and theatre, comedians like Ian McMillan, and many others. We are big on participation and friendly debate.
We also put on films about justice and human rights, usually at Derby Quad, under the title of Bread and Roses.
And we support other projects, through advertising and our Website, called derby50k. http://derby50k.co.uk/
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There are at least 50,000 people living in Derby who believe in all or some of the following:
Co-operation and justice, that people should feel safe in their homes and on the streets, that people should look after each other and contribute to each other’s welfare, there should be free health care and education, everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their sexuality, have opportunities to be creative and open minded, enjoy and give kindness and much more . . . . .We do not support unjust wars, torture, false imprisonment, prejudice of any kind, including racism.